Sunday, 23 February 2014

Memory & Insulin

Some people have reported that after playing the game for several hours they get a crash with an error message that starts with "System.OutOfMemoryException".  I'm currently looking into this.  It's a difficult bug to find the cause of because it takes so long for it to happen.  I have some theories (memory fragmentation?).

I'll be releasing a patch next week to (hopefully) address this, and also a few other issues.  The main one being that it's too hard to find insulin, and it doesn't last long enough when you do.  It's supposed to be quite hard, but I think I went a bit over the top.

Releasing a patch for XBox Live Indie Games takes a bit of time, as you have to wait 1 week between releases and also it has to go through the peer review process.  So it won't be out until I guess next weekend at the earliest.

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