Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Third patch is out!

The third patch has been approved and is now out!  This patch was mostly bug-fixing and a few tweaks to try and make some things clearer.

Now that that's out the way I can hopefully focus on the future a bit more.  First thing I want to do is some kind of large font mode, to make it easier to play for people on standard def TVs, small screens and the like.

Although having said that I do know of a few more bugs I want to fix in the next patch, so the bug-fixing isn't totally finished yet.  Anyway here's the list of the main changes in this one:

- Made some looters bare-knuckle boxers
- Made it easier to get respect/approval from trading (again).
- The people in Santa Maddalena and Fort Kohai can be asked for hints about who in their community might be persuaded to join you.
- Prevent quitting the info screen while dialogs are up (fix for a crash).
- Fix for crash in late-game quest if you kill a certain person at a certain time.
- Fix for wrong amount being paid out sometimes from fisticuffs.
- Added red fadey thing and 'in days till death' on hunger/thirst/sleep bars.
- Day number display on loading screen and savegame info.
- Stop Dan Jackson the Los Ceros gate guard from following people all over the map.
- Indicate when certain speech options can't be used due to a character's personality.
- Hints to select different quests for Joe and Isham when they split up.          
 - Show more hints in the early tutorial quests that teach you to find and eat food.
- Fix for crazy flickering between run and jog animation when following someone.
- Show a sign-in screen if the user tries to play with a not signed-in profile.
- Fix for zombies occasionally disappearing immediately after you kill them.
- Massively toned down the effect where Alice gets hungrier and thirstier quicker when her blood sugar is higher.

Sunday, 13 April 2014


Some folks have started to build a Survivalist Wiki, which is a great idea as it's a big game with a lot of subtleties.  They say that any help would be appreciated, so feel free to add stuff!

Friday, 4 April 2014

Review at Indiestry Gaming

A third review for Survivalist, at a new-ish website called indiestrygaming.  No star ratings at this site, but it's a very positive review - here's a quote:

"Overall Survivalist is an excellent game which really shines among the others in the indie market. The game proudly shows off its well made gameplay and graphics which is a credit to the developers. It’s the game that people who love Fallout could sink many hours into or for the guy who just completed State of decay but still has his zombie shooting, tin counting, micromanagement itch!"