Saturday, 31 January 2015

Survivalist is now available on Steam!

I've released the latest patch for Survivalist, v27, on all PC channels - Desura, IndieGameStand and... Steam! Yep, thanks to everyone who voted for the Greenlight, Survivalist is now sitting on the front page of Steam under Popular New Releases. Praise be to Gaben!

Steam Keys
If you already bought the PC version of the game, you can get a free Steam key for it! To claim it, go to the site you bought the game from.
  • If you bought it from the Groupees bundle, go to their website.
  • If you bought it from the Indie Royale bundle, either go there or go to Desura.
  • If you bought it from Desura, or recieved a free Desura key as part of a promotion, go to Desura. Underneath the link where you would download Survivalist there is a little Steam logo you can click on.
  • If you bought it from IndieGameStand go there and click on the Steam logo underneath Redeem On.

Here's the change log for v27:
    • Added Steam build that links with Awardments with Steam Achievements
    • Added Take All button when scavenging a corpse, on PC:
    • Added WASD default controls on PC:
    • Added a button to equip ears of corn on the equipment info page:
    • Added message box telling you if the person you are transferring an item to will want to hold onto it forever
    • Added new awardments for recruiting people from various communities
    • Added option to skip speech when reading novels etc
    • Added option to stop farmers from planting new crops, so they'll concentrate on watering the existing ones:
    • Added some extra info to late game quests to make them clearer
    • Changed Maize and Safflower to be passable and move out the way when pushed:
    • Changed default Quick Load key to F11 (on PC) as F12 is the default screenshot key on Steam
    • Fixed NPCs moving around whenever you tell them to follow/unfollow you
    • Fixed being able to get Dick Short to join you, breaking the Willard mission
    • Fixed bug where people were teleporting to the corners of the map (I think)
    • Fixed various other small things

Monday, 19 January 2015

Steam Release Date - 30th of January!

I've set the Steam release date for the 30th of January, 10.00 PST. Woot! :)

This release will feature Steam Achievements (linked to the Awardments system), and a bunch of small fixes and improvements. For example you'll now be able to walk over crops instead of being blocked by them :) And the PC controls will default to the WASD configuration, which seems to be way more popular than arrow keys - you can still set it to the arrow keys with one click in the Controls menu if you want though.