Saturday, 16 April 2016

Online co-op is live on Steam!

After many months of work I've finally made the online co-op patch live on the main branch on Steam!  You can read about it there.  It's currently also making it's way through the XBLIG peer review process so hopefully it'll be available on XBox 360 soon as well.

Here's the changelist, which also includes a few wishlist items people have mentioned to me and fixes for bugs that have been reported:
  • Added Online Co-op
  • Added Log Screen (F5)
  • Changed savegame interface to support more than 8 savegames
  • Added AI for characters following someone who is gathering supplies, or getting water from a well, to do the same
  • Added ability to import translations from TSV files
  • Added Alternate Action shortcut (middle mouse button) to inventory controls for things like Eat, Drink, etc
  • Fixed raiders bodies getting deleted immediately after they die
  • Fixed issue where characters in your community would dislike you for threatening looters
  • Fixed bug where 'There's too many of them out there' awardment was not awarded if you abandoned then re-occupied your bunker.
  • Fixed footstep sound not playing sometimes