Saturday, 15 March 2014

Important note about Alice and Insulin

Something just came to light that I put in the game a long time ago, and then completely forgot about. When Alice's Blood Glucose level gets above 1 notch on the bar (which you can see on her inventory screen underneath Hunger, Thirst and Sleep Deprivation) she starts suffering from hyperglycemia, which means she gets hungry and thirsty more quickly and starts eating more. This makes her blood sugar go up, which makes her want to eat more, in a vicious cycle. I think this might explain a lot of the trouble people have been having with her.

As luck would have it the second patch, which I've just submitted for approval, will make her warn you a bit more when her blood sugar is high, and will also increase the amount of insulin per dose. So that should help.

There will need to be a third patch in which I'll need to make it much clearer what's happening, or rethink the hyperglycemia concept (I can't believe I thought to simulate that!). In the meantime, try not to let her Blood Glucose level get above 1 notch on the bar. (The bar will start pulsing white when it does - I did at least put that in).

(The notches on these bars represent days.  A day in the game is 30 minutes in real life.  Don't let Alice's Blood Glucose Level get above 1 notch.)

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