Saturday, 22 March 2014

The Second Patch has now been released!

The second patch has made it through the XBox Live Indie Games approval process.  Here are the main changes:

- Fixes for the crashes that have been reported
- Fixes for "The Architect" quest being impossible to complete
- Added health bars to buildings
- Tried to make the early tutorial quest where you give Alice water a bit clearer
- Tried to make the early tutorial quest where you shoot the road sign a bit less wordy and more concise
- Alice warns you when her blood sugar is getting high
- Increased insulin per dose further, so she should need one shot per day now
- Made the skill levels of the "roaming gangs of raiders" lower in the beginning (it's linked to the number of towns you explore) and also tweaked their numbers so there can bea few more of them per gang later in the game, but less earlier.
- Doubled the amount of respect/approval you get for trading with people
- Fixed bug where if Isham picked up a second toolbox he couldn't drop it
- Made it so enemies always ragdoll if you explicitly target their legs
- Fixed bug where you couldn't buy a backpack to increase your inventory size if your inventory was full
- Fixed some late-game dialog

Roll on the third patch!  I already know of a few more things I'll need to fix.  Top of the list I'm going to get rid of the vicious cycle of hyperglycemia I mentioned the previous post.  Hopefully after the third patch it'll be the end of the panicky post-release patching phase and I can start thinking more long-term.

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