Sunday, 11 May 2014

Larger Fonts Patch Now Available

So I've released a patch that increases the font size.  This is an increase from 14 points to 18 points, although confusingly that isn't actually the number of pixels it takes up, it's just a setting when I import the font (the pixel height seems to have gone from about 26 to 33).

Anyway when I started this patch I thought it would just be a special mode for people with Standard Def TVs, but when I saw it in action I realised it looked better on HDTVs too.  So I made it the default.  You can change it back in the Settings menu if you prefer the old size though.
I'm interested to hear from you if:

- You are using a standard def TV.  Is it readable now?  I am starting to wonder if I increased it enough...  There are some things I'd struggle to fit in if it went up any further though.

- You prefer the old size.  The advantage of smaller fonts is you can see more stuff on screen.  However if no one prefers the smaller size I might just get rid of it altogether as it's one more thing to support.

Besides the fonts this patch should fix a few bugs that were mentioned in the forums, I won't list them here though as they are quite spoiler-y.

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