Friday, 2 May 2014

Review from TheKodu at Destructoid!

Survivalist has had it's fourth review, from TheKodu, a Destructoid community blogger.  This is a long, in-depth review which was done on a Standard Definition TV, hence his main complaint - the font size is too small!  So it's lucky I've been working on a patch to increase it, which is now in peer review (that's the approval process for XBox Live Indie Games, for those who don't know).

He also lists some other problems, some of which I can address.  For example I should probably add some tutorial hints explaining how to do leg-shots and head-shots.  On the other hand some things are just part of the game, for better or for worse, like the insulin mechanic - I think I've tweaked that enough now.  He gives it 4 out of 6 stars, saying that "the biggest score impact is the text being unreadable it's by no means perfect but it's still damn good".

Best quotes:

"Survivalist is a game that nails it’s goal almost perfectly. It’s a game about survival in a bleak apocalyptic world and it does make every small success seem like a big victory. This is a game that reflects a lot of zombie flick approaches in that it’s not the zombies that are the biggest threat, it’s the humans.  Don’t get me wrong the zombies can be a problem and survivalist is a game where just when you’re beginning to feel like a zombie hunting badass it will take great pleasure in proving how vulnerable you are."

"To add to the world building Skyrim was once described as an “an ocean with the depth of a puddle” due to the characters interactions not changing based on your actions. In Survivalist I’d say this is a lake with the depth of the Mariana trench."

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